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If you’re a builder, craftsman, designer or artist, Time Lapse photography is the best way to showcase your product and services. Time Lapse video is also an ideal marketing tool for the building and construction industries, time lapse video technology turns a project that takes days, weeks or months to complete into a video that takes only minutes to watch. The HD quality finished production is ideal for web casts, trade shows or even television commercials. BAVR incorporates a 7 step procedure to achieve excellence in the production of your time-lapse video. The following outlines our process from conception to completion.



  1. PLAN – BAVR’s in house team work with you to capture and present the most dynamic views of your project in motion. Our planning process begins with a needs/site assessment to help us understand your expectations and requirements. You let us know information like the approximate start/end dates of the project, what the finished video will be used for and the desired duration of the finished product. We will then propose a plan including the number of cameras, ideal camera locations and the image capture rate based on these criteria. You could even include a prelude and/or epilogue to explain the video and summarize the results at the end.

  2. EXECUTE – Our field team will deploy, install and program the required equipment for your specific project. We will then visit the project weekly to check equipment and to retrieve progress footage.

  3. REVIEW – The BAVR editing team will spend hours combing through your footage to capture the best seamless projection of your work. We remove undesired images including cloudy, rainy, snowy and non-work hours as needed.

  4. ENHANCE – Our staff ensures your time-lapse video shows your project's best side by providing image stabilization and color/exposure enhancement.

  5. EDIT – Complete the look and feel of a real production by incorporating your business logo, project information, key personnel, scripted voice-over and/or theme music for your project. These enhancements will achieve a professional tailored finished production ready for any promotional or distribution use.

  6. PUBLISH – Ensure that your video plays with all the latest technology. BAVR can deliver your movie in multiple formats including: DVD video, Windows Media, Quick Time, Flash Video, MPEG2 and 3GP/MPEG4 for iPhone and iPad.

  7. DISTRIBUTE – Promote your project accomplishments to your staff, clients and the world. Professional time-lapse movies by BAVR will immortalize your projects and are an excellent way to say thank you to your team and clients. You can even expand your marketing efforts and share your video on sites like YouTube or FaceBook.


Please check out the sample time-lapse videos produced by BAVR.

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